Land of the Giants on DVD

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Land of the Giants was an American television sci-fantasy series which tells about the tale of crew and passengers of a commercial spaceship named "The Spindrift" became lost when it passed through the strange cloud in the ship's orbit around the earth in 1983.The spaceship landed on the strange and earth type planet much like earth but the inhabitants 12 times their size.

They tried to battle the totalitarian government and not to capture them because so as they can use them for their experiment on advanced technology. It was created by Irwin Allen and directed by Harry Harris.The series ran for 51 episodes between September 22, 1968 and March 22, 1970 on ABC.

The series starring ship's captain (Steve Burton),co-pilot (Dan) and stewardess (Betty); an arrogant engineer(Mark); a sexy jet-setter (Valerie); a young boy (Barry) and his dog Chipper; and a mysterious passenger known as Commander Fitzhugh. The earth people in the giant world was the responsibility of Inspector Kobrick of S.I.B-a security agency.

  • The Land of the Giants DVD is a collection of 9 DVDs in a 4 box set as shown above, all episodes are organize from pilot to finale.
  • This special Land of the Giants DVD collection also includes custom artwork and episode guides to help you find your favorite episode at anytime