The Alfred Hitchcock Hour DVD

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour was a television series hosted by Alfred Hitchcock. The show premiered on October 2, 1955 and featured mysteries and a suspense. Each 60 minute episode included opening and closing vingettes featuring Hitchcock who would oftern explain some aspect of the day's show and often offer jabs at the show sponsors.

The series featured those of the original works for television and those which are adaptations from existing source material. Some of the works of known authors like Ellery Queen, Cornell Woolrich and Robert Bloch, among others and directors like Alfred Hitchcock himself and Sydney Pollack, among others were adapted for the series.

  • The Alfred Hitchcock DVD is a collection of 18 DVDs in a 5 box set as shown above, all 100% in chronological order from the pilot to the finale
  • The Alfred Hitchcock DVD collection also includes custom artwork and episode guides to help you find your favorite episode at anytime.

    Jeff E. said...

    The Alfred Hitchcock Hour DID NOT start in 1955. The show that began in 1955 was Alfred Hitchcock Presents which was a 30 minute show and ran until 1962. The Alfred Hitchcock Hour began in 1962 and lasted for three years until it ended in 1965. This show (from 1962 to 1965) did last for one hour.