Moonlighting - (1985-1989 Series)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Moonlighting was directed by Jay Daniel and Gerald Finnerman with the writing credits of Frank Dandridge and Jeremy Law. The series debuted in 1985 and lasted until 1989. This television show starred Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheperd. It was a mixture of drama, comedy and romance. It focuses on the life of Maddie Hayes and David Addison. Maddie is a top model who was betrayed by her investment adviser who stole all her money to South America. All her unfaithful manager left her. Thus, because of her of money she decided to sell the agency but detective David Addison convince her to just continue the agency and so she became involved in spying unfaithful husbands, missing people and murderers, VIP lives, stop the killers, help lovers with their problems and not to mention promote world peace and existence. She does all these things with the aid of her partner, David. They seem to be a perfect couple and the big question now is, will they become lovers?

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