The Flash (1990 TV Series)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Release Date: Sept 20, 1990

Tagline: His justice is fast. And furious.

Plot Outline:

A laboratory accident endows a police scientist with the ability to move at superhuman speed which he uses to battle a menacing gang as a superhero.


John Wesley Shipp Barry Allen/The Flash
Amanda Pays Christina 'Tina' McGee
Alex Désert Julio Mendez
Richard Belzer Joe Kline
Gloria Reuben Sabrina
Dick Miller Fosnight
Mark Hamill James Jesse/The Trickster
Joyce Hyser Megan Lockheart

The Flash is an action television series from 1990-91 that starred John Wesley Shipp and Amanda Pays

The Flash was created by Danny Vilson and Paul De Meo began in 1990. Flash battle various thieves, drug lords , terrorist and assasins.He
fought a robot assassin, and even went up against his own clone. The series also introduced a 1950’s Central City crimefighter, the (Jason Bernard), who came out of retirement to aid the flash when his old adversary the (Anthony Starke) came out of cryonic suspension and threatened the city.

Flash was premiered on the 20th September 1990 and lasted on the 18th of May 1991. It follows the life of Barry Allen a police scientist who encounters an accidents on his crime lab that gives him the ability to move fast, improved superhuman reflexes and violated certain law of physics. He eventually known as the fastest human alive known as �The Flash� as he hide his identity. Christina McGee, his fellow scientist help him to control his power and created a suit that will not be destroyed as he moves fast. He uses his powers to fight the Dark Riders a motorcycle gang who frighten the people on the Central City.

The origin of a superhero. An accident gives police crime lab expert Barry Allen awesome powers of speed, and he vows to use them to bring his brother's murderer to justice. But first, Allen must learn to control his sudden, remarkable talents.

Out of Control: He needs subjects for genetic-engineering research. Tina's former colleague is the main suspect when the bodies of murdered homeless people mysteriously disappear from crime scenes.

Flash is a great comic character who run really fastand had a cool custom. The Flash has always been character I wanted to see in film.

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