Dual Saw as Seen on TV!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dual Saw as Seen on TV

The Dual Saw “As Seen on TV” with Billy Mays aired on PITCHMEN back in April. Billy Mays’ Dual Saw pitch is looked back at tonight as fans prepare to say goodbye, his funeral set for Friday.

In April, LALATE covered for you the PITCHMEN episode of the Dual Saw. And who would know that a saw of all things and its pitch became a massive hit among readers this week. It’s because of the love fans have for Mays.

Dual Saw inventor Frederic Sciamma appeared on the episode to discuss the project and the inspiration behind Dual Saw.

Dual Saw as Seen on TV!

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The one I recieved was a piece of Junk. Used it for ten seconds. It locked up and went up in smoke. They charge you $$30.00 for shipping no matter what offer you take and shipping from Omni Dual saw is slow. I returned for shipping charge of $13.00 from USPS and it got back to them quicker than my order came. Trying it will cost you at least $40.00. So you can try it for 14 days for $40.00 or 30 days for $43.00. I wouldn't buy it at all. It's a light duty saw at best.

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