Hot New TV Shows for 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Since we are on a trend spotting extravaganza we might as well check out what’s going to be hot on the box in 2009. Which series will be the next Greys? Keep an eye out for these new shows…

If you like comedic crime series such as Bones then be sure to keep a watchful eye out for this series. It follows Nick Castle, a novelist famous for writing brilliant mysteries. However he is bored with his life and his success – until a real murderer starts staging scenes from his novels. Throw in his ‘Broadway diva’ mother, his hilarious teenage daughter and his crazy ex-wife and you’ve got all the crucial ingredients for a great comedy.
This is definitely one for the girls. Trevor, otherwise known as Cupid, is sent to earth to play match-maker. Throughout his travels he meets Dr. Claire Allen, a famous psychologist and self-help author who questions whether or not Trevor really is Cupid. It sounds a little bit cliché – but when it comes to romance, cliché often gets a big thumbs up!
The Unusuals
Here we have another comedic crime series. It follows the life of Casey Schraeger (a cop in the New York police precinct) and her crazy day to day adventures in the job. She is the newest cop there but quickly learns about her colleagues ‘dirty little secrets’. Sounds interesting!
Better Off Ted
This is an office comedy about Ted who is a man in love with his job – but who is also a man heavily concerned with morals. And unfortunately for him, his job at Veridian Technologies often opposes his moral concerns. You’ll find it hilarious if you love satire.
Single with Parents
Lou is single, in her mid-thirties, childless and therefore should be relatively independent and stress-free – if her parents didn’t rely on her so much! This comedy is about her fight to avoid her overly reliant divorced parents in an attempt to regain control over her life.
The Cleveland Show
If you love Family Guy then keep an eye out for this spin-off series. If follows the life of Cleveland Brown who was once in love with a girl called Donna. He made the mistake of telling Donna he’d be there for her if a man ever did her wrong, and many years later a man did her wrong! So Donna comes running back to Cleveland, along with her two kids. Sounds hilarious and is set to premiere in the states mid-2009, so let the countdown begin!
My Own Worst Enemy
This is a thriller dubbed to be the best spy show since Alias. It is about Edward and Henry, who are, confusingly enough, the same people. Henry is the father, husband and efficiency expert whilst Edward is trained to kill. Sounds like a TV show both you and the boy can enjoy.
The Ex-List
I cannot wait to see this comedy as it sounds absolutely hilarious – and also slightly believable! Bella is a smart, successful business woman in her mid-thirties whose life is going great…that is, until she goes and sees a psychic who tells her she has already met her ‘true love’. So off Bella goes to track down every guy she has ever dated in a desperate attempt to find her soul mate.