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Monday, October 22, 2007

South Park is an American animated television comedy series about four third/fourth-grade school boys who live in the small, backward mountain town of South Park, Colorado. The series was created and is written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and has been distributed and aired by Comedy Central since 1997. The first half of the eleventh season ended on April 18, 2007, and the second half of the eleventh season began on October 3, 2007. from wikipedia

Characters in South Park:
  • Eric Cartman, known as Cartman, is the fat kid of the group. Despite being teased, he is far from being a victim. In fact, he can be downright psychotic, once inviting a schoolmate over for dinner only to serve him a dish made from his murdered parents.
  • Stan Marsh, the voice of reason in the group, had a crush on Wendy Testaburger and has a gay dog named "Sparky."
  • Kyle Broflovski, is the Jewish kid. He's quite smart and recently underwent plastic surgery that turned him black.
  • Kenny McCormick, who used to die in every single episode, has had a streak of luck lately. The poor kid of the group, Kenny is so bundled up in his jacket we can only guess at what he has to say.
Voices of South Park
  • Trey Parker is the voice of Stan, Cartman, Mr. Garrison (the boys' teacher), Philip, and Timmy (among others).
  • Matt Stone is the voice of Kyle, Kenny, Terrance, Butters, Jesus, and Saddam Hussein also among others).
  • Mary Kay Bergman is the voice of Principal Victoria, Stan, Kenny and Kyle's moms, and Wendy Testaberger
  • Gracie Lazar is the voice of several of the moms, Wendy Testaburger and Principal Victoria.
  • Mona Marshall is the voice of Kyle's mom.
  • Isaac Hayes as Chef, the chef at the school cafeteria who befriends the boys.
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mudkipz said...

Heyy I like Southpark, Kenny especially. No episode is complete nor satisfactory if Kenny does not die =)

louie69 said...

it makes fun of black people, Jews, women , Canada, homosexuality, homeless people, fat people and of course Barbara Streisand.

This cartoon is for children R18 dude.


maan said...

southpark is funny but it's not for children..i love kenny and how stupid cartman is.

Anonymous said...

me too I like this Tv series and the sense is good and definitely not for children but like what I said, It is so good!